That's a Wrap 2016!

Oh friends! While 2016 wasn't the best year for the world, we lost a LOT of great people, had much political turmoil, shootings in the US and much more. On the other side we got Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, Stranger Things on Netflix and pokemon go! While it might not be even and most are ready to be done with 2016 I will choose to celebrate the great moments. This year I captured so much LOVE! From newborns to weddings with everything in between. It was my busiest year yet, for that I am grateful (a little tired) and happy! There really aren't words for how THANKFUL I am for every single client that came to me. I love each session that I send out, I smile when I edit and remember the fun I had with you parents, and all the silly things we did to make those kiddos laugh and smile. Client relationships are so valuable to me and when I get to know your kiddos over the years pictures become just a fun time we all have together. I always want photos to be Fun and I will make sure we all have a great time at our sessions! 

I want to share some fun moments from 2016 (Weddings will be a whole other blog post) I would have loved to have shared pics from every single session but then we would be here for days (and this gallery is already looong..) So please do not think I forgot anyone or did not enjoy our session because Every single person I met and photographed really means something to me! So sit back and relax and enjoy some happy, some laughs, smiles, hugs and love from 2016. 

Thank you all from the Bottom of my Heart for your support! I can't wait to create new memories with you in 2017!! :)