Amanda Monday

Hello Friends! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. 

I have lived in Iowa City all my life. Mom of Luci the chihuahua and two boys that are my inspiration and whole wide world! I love pizza, cheese, candy and any breakfast food. Starbucks obsessed. Instagram lover.

I have been running this amazing little business of mine for about 5 years now. I am So grateful for all the people I have met, all the happy fun and Wonderful moments I have captured over the years. Of course I enjoy the posed photos but my true love is capturing the fun, real happy moments. This is your life and your story, let me capture it for you!

My work has been published in 5 different magazines as well as multiple blog publications. In 2017 in the annual Shoot & Share contest where over 330,000 images are entered from all over the world I placed 6th and 11th, as well as had multiple finalist images! 


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